Where to find catering in Virginia, and specifically in the northern part of the state affectionately known as Northern Virginia, or NOVA, is a question that has been asked by foodies in the area for eons, nay centuries, and we have a quick answer for you.

Finding Catering Fairfax Va restaurants is without a doubt the easiest thing to do when you know where to look, and there is a new Tex-Mex joint that opened only a couple years ago in Fairfax called Chuy’s that has a lot of people redefining what their favorite restaurants are in the area.

Chuy’s offers their cuisine for the masses, which means the price point is low enough so that families can trading platforms actually eat here without breaking the bank. The great news is that you can enjoy the menu anywhere because they offer bulk ordering for catering events, like picnics, sporting events, graduations, parties, etc.

All gatherings, large or small can be made better with some quality Mexican cuisine on the table.

Why is the food so good? Because they operate a ‘scratch kitchen’ and all the ingredients are fresh. A lot of eateries claim this, but many have much of their food shipped frozen and stored in freezers. What? Chuy’s never pulls this crap and the only freezer on any of the premises is one for the ice cream that is served to the kiddies as part of their meal.

Give these guys a try and you’ll quickly see why this restaurant is quickly becoming one of the most talked about dining experiences in Virginia, with locations in Fairfax, Richmond, Sterling, Springfield, and Woodbridge.

Wow, not many transplants from the Austin Texas area thought they would be able to enjoy some of their favorite grub once they moved away, but many are eagerly returning again and again for a little taste of home in the form of Chuy’s Tex-Mex to go…

chuys steak burrito chips salsa creamy jalapeno

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